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Hair of the Dog That Bit Ya

If that's the case, then I hope some enterprising Brit has Cosmopolitans for sale at 10 in the morning. Overdosed on the pink drink last night. Went poshing yesterday in Mayfair, the wealthiest most expensive neighborhood in London. Copped a squat at The Audley Arms on Mount Street, catty corner from where Madge buys her bird hunting gear when she goes riding with Guy. Ordered up fish&chips, poured a liberal dose of malted vinegar across the whole affair and went to town. Must admit I liked the chips more than the fish but it was all tasty. I even liked my side of mushy peas though that could be the most unappealing name for food ever, aside from spam.

After the fish feast we sauntered down Oxford street. Rush hour soon made sauntering an impossibility. The crushing crowd made us feel like little fish, swimming upstream, against the tide..

24/7 with the same person is an exercise in fortitude.. An exercise we failed on many occasions yesterday. The Surge and I were growling at each other a fair amount. One of us would say something the other one would jump on.. Then we'd spend the next half hour dissecting who said what.
"Where are we going?"
"You said you wanted to leave Queensway."
"No, I just said I was tired of crowds."
"Well, we're in London, deal with it."
"I know, but it's also my vacation and I don't want to be Ms. Tourist all week."
"Fine. Do your own thing then!"
We are improving. Neither of us stalked away in an effort to prove a stupid point. I think The Surge would feel bad abandoning me in a strange city. The griping and swiping didn't last long, however. I suppose that sort of thing is inevitable when you're with someone every second. The Surge is a remarkable tour guide and has a story for every corner. Stories about kings, queens, artists, musicians.. he knows London in a way that bored natives don't. I love seeing it for the first time through his eyes.

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hello. i'm sober...for now, writing from my suburban hide out. love your blog. you posted a nice note on mine a while ago....thx!
October 4, 2005 | Unregistered Commentersusan

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