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Xmastime's Nuggets on "Gayism"

"Anna, if you could be with any woman in the world, who would it be?"
"She wrote a book on sex man.. She's gotta know something. What about you?"
"Ani Difranco.. She'd eat me alive. No pun intended.. She is sexxxy.
"I don't know why dudes get all excited about lesbians" our friend Xmastime chimes in. "I see two broads hookin' up and I'm like great, two more chicks who don't want to fuck me. I was talking to my little brother the other day and he was like, aww being gay, it's unnatural or weird or whatever.. and I'm like hey, I wish they all were gay, more chicks for me. But now that you ask, if I was a chick I would like to do... hmmm.. this is a curveball, actually two of 'em. Something about that chick from Scrubs who was also the second Becky on Roseanne. And uh, Laura Ingraham, that right wing chick who pops up on MSNBC from time to time..Smokin' hot.. And just had breast cancer.. She could use some love."

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