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God: Sold Out!

So The Surge and I took the subway to Times Square then strolled up Fifth Avenue toward News Station X. Our last chance to take in New York at Christmas. It being the eve of the alleged birth of the baby Jesus, The Surge magnanimously decided to leave our cozy, Christmasified abode and accompany me to work.

As we dodged camera weilding tourists, ambling five wide on the sidewalks in front of Rockefeller Center and St. Patrick's Cathedral I noticed the massive wooden doors to the monolithic structure were firmly closed. Several police officers were stationed around the vicinity, keeping curious onlookers at bay.
"What's the deal?" I asked The Surge. "Like Times Square on New Years, isn't St Patricks THE place to be on Christmas Eve? How come it's closed?"
"The church is probably full." He paused then boomed "GOD - SOLD OUT!!! BUT! If you act fast, tickets are still available for tomorrow's matinee show!"

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