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It Hurts To Blink

Am quite hungover this morning. Must keep this entry on the brief side as the Sahara that is my mouth is demanding an iced coffee.. My agenda for the day will involve iced coffee, greasy food, rented movies and keeping the shades drawn.

Last night The Surge had a listening party to showcase his new record... "If You Didn't Laugh, You'd Cry". He's done such a superb job this time around. Not that he hasn't before, but his previous four albums were mostly about other people, and places.. This record is really personal. It's about Serge, his inner demons and his relationships with those that are closest to him. He used to struggle really hard with life.. Was a lot angrier.. had trouble properly channeling it.. to see the changes in him this past year is inspiring to me because I need to get my shit together.

By all accounts, last night was a riot.. Although I've heard the record billions of times, I still love listening to it and it was great to see Marah's fans hear it.. and they seem to love it! I'm excited to hear them begin discussing which songs they like better.. which lyrics and so on.. The Shalitas were bartending in these adorable short shorts and T-shirts that said "I'm With The Band".. and the place was packed. I got absolutely wasted of course, so by the time the boys took the stage I was in my "I'm-the-greatest-dancer-in-the-world" stage.. Ah well. Whatdya gonna do? I have too damn much fun at Marah gigs and I don't understand how people can just sit along side, maybe tapping a toe. I gotta move! Tabatha helped me out on the dancing front.. Yay Tabatha! I brought Dave, my friend from work and another friend Alexis. I'll post pics when I get them developed. Got lots of good ones of The Shalitas, Marah and such..

In reflecting on the events of last night.. I think I flirted with a woman! Not in a dramatic way.. not in a way that's disrespectful to The Surge.. but there is this woman who is a bit older than me, not by much, and she's quite sexy. We ended up chatting outside.. I'm so silly. Such an idiot when I drink. At some point I wandered down the street and had a slice of pizza (heaven when you're drunk) ironically with Donny Pizza Sauce, a friend of The Surge's.. We all met up at our default bar on Bedford street and of course, I attempted my regular "drunken bonding with Dave" session. Dave Bielanko, that is.. not my friend from work. I think Dave intimidates me somewhat when I'm sober, so I try to bond with him when I have the liquid courage workin' for me. Not that he's intimidating, he's just.. hmmm... I don't know, the opposite of me, maybe. Not sure what it is. But we seem to have our best conversations when drunk, so I suppose in a way, it works.. Alas, a cold beverage is screaming my name.. maybe that's just the hangover screaming my name.. either way.. Must. Have. Cold. Beverage. More later!

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