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London Calling!

And Manhattan's lower half has been discovered. Union Square over to Greenwhich Village...Subway down to Battery Park, over to Ground Zero and a zig and a zag through Wall Street later I'm in Chinatown looking at all manner of exotic fruit and strange meats..Done! Manhattan, you've been a lady.

As The Surge didn't mind my posting his last email.. here's the one I received today.. man alive I luuuurve that rockboy! I leave for London tomorrow! As for tonight, my beautiful and talented friend Kate is hosting Hoochie Coo night.. dancing girlz, skimpy clothing, loud music, even louder friends - sounds like the purrrfect place for my Mormon mom and brother, right?.. I'm definitely taking pics of this that I will post!:

My Love.
Missed hearing your voice last night terribly. Called you from within a vast and eerily vacant Paddington Station on the late tip. Left you that voicemail just as young Paddington Bear himself walked slowly across the scummy floor towards some departing train or another. He was carrying a jar of marmalade, and so that's how I knew it was him and not some other English Bear.
Then I had an awful nightmare that I don't even wanna write about.
Then I slept for 13 hours. Yikes.
I cannot wait to see your face, baby. Can't wait for you to finally be in England, be seeing all the sights and hearing all the sounds that make London such a cool city. We are gonna have a blast. Also, I really need to make out with you a bit. For some reason, I am really jonesin for a good kissing session with your gorgeous mug. Spent about a half hour standing in the steamy bathroom this morning lookin at my photos of you and Maxman. Damn, it is strange to be away from you both; I keep wanting to "dig in" to your sore shoulder blades, I keep needing to feel the boy tugging me hard down 5th Street.
Last night we had dinner with our PR lady, Kas, who is very very cool, as well as our newer booking agaent Neil, who once upon a time was high on our shit-list, but who last night seemed to prove himself a bit worthy of a second chance. Funny thing was Neil took us to a American BarBQ joint in SoHo......kinda weird. Maybe he thought we needed a dose of US food? Still, he paid AND bought us 3 bottles of champagne, so he was given our full attention even if the ribs tasted like one of BlackSon's frozen bones.
Later, Kas took us to the very exclusive private club, SoHo House. YOu may have heard of it because there is also one in NYC which is always in US WEEKLY for some celeb shit. The one last night is the one where Jude Law's ex dropped an E pill on the floor during a night of partying, a pill which was promptly picked up and eaten by her and Jude's 3 yr old son! BUT MOSTLY: SoHo House interested me because one Kiera Knightly holds frequently used membership there. And I must say, I was lookin fine as wine last night. Remember we each have one free pass, right? Well, I am actually only somewhat disapointed to report that she mustn't have know I was gonna be in the hizz-ouse lat evening or she woulda come around. Needless to say, she was MIA.
ONE YEAR COMING UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy fuck! Do you wanna re-up? I been wondering if this week off of me might have left you thinking? OH well, at least we'll always have London, huh?
I love you girl. With Power. And With £40 in my pocket. So get yer sweet butt over here pronto.

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