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In Which His Rockboyness Prepares For Guitar Battle

And so the day arriveth, when The Surge must don his rock&roll mantle (a waistcoat and extra tight black jeans) and tour the country spreading his message of rock&roll whilst consuming as much beer and roadside Cracker Barrel as humanly digestible.

I'm gonna miss that sucker, I am, I am. We've been doing pretty well at This Thing Called Marriage.. Sure I want to beat his ass with a rubber hose quite frequently - but more often (only by a hair) I wanna love him up. Installed deep within his soul resides a sweetness. Almost a naivete. Yet he is the wisest fellow I know. Can one be naively wise?

He is innocent in regard to the semantics of life. Basically, he ignores the boring shit and lives for the fun stuff. And I fell right into his devious little life plan. I am certain to be the 'asshole' disciplinarian parent that our children will only appreciate after they enter their thirties while he secretly showers them with candy and later cash. By the time they realize that during all the groundings I administered I had their best interests at heart, I'll be a senior battling Alzheimers (it runs in the family).

It is no coincidence The Surge is a Christmas Junkie who believed in Santa Claus well into his teen years. Knowing this about the man makes it anything but strange that he pens some of the most powerfully nuanced, desperately alive lyrics you've ever heard.... Spirited words that emblazon new trails across unexplored areas of your heart and mind.

He is a high level executive in the Dreaming Department.

So it's with a heavy heart that I begin the unsettlingly familiar task of packing toiletries, clothes and secret love letters tucked within magazines and books, and send the ManBoy back into the throngs.. Five weeks is a long time. The bed feels roomy for only that first night and then it's far too big. Holding the remote however, remains a victory for two or three nights before becoming boring. Love me some Roseanne reruns... and I can only take The Civil War: A Documentary for so long until I crack..

Reader Comments (4)

I hear ya Monica. While my situation is different of course. I still feel a bit of emptiness. Only because he is harder to reach, don't get to talk as long and if a problem occurs with anything it's just a pain in the ass sometimes. I eat up all reviews and pictures of shows during these tours.

Last time they were gone for a bit on a extensive US tour, I actually called The Barber for the first time ever to have him discipline Sofia over the phone. I forget what she did exactly but she was acting up terribly. Which is not typical for her. She's a good kid mostly, but this one day I had it beyond up to here with her.

I think she was more scared of what he was going to say than anything. She didn't want to get on the phone at all but I made her. When she handed the phone back to me she went into her room and cried. Daddy isn't the disciplinarian much of course but when he is he is quite serious. And Sofia doesn't like it.

I've thought about you lately especially this week. I know you get lonely without him around, but you two can also drive one another crazy when together sometimes too. Just how it goes I suppose?

Seeing The Surge with Sofia and how he basically ate her up when he finally got to meet her. I knew then that The Surge would be a great dad. And like you said he will shower them with candy and cash and anything they want. :)

Oh Civil War documentaries eh? HA HA! Boy glad I didn't have cable around Xmas because I get the pleasure of watching those as well. Then find myself after he leaves watching them myself. A few years ago after a visit the night he left I found myself watching the PBS Documentary by Ken Burns of the Civil War. I watched all 5 nights of it.

Wish the Iota show was all ages though because Sofia wants to see her Daddy play and hear her favorite song Pizzeria. It's funny though because she hasn't a clue what the song is really about. To be young and innocent again. <sigh>
January 11, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterFiabug
You mean Pizzeria's not about pizza?!
January 12, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterCaptain Dave
Yeha who'd thunk it wasn't about pizza. At least to an almost 8 year old we'll let her believe it's about a pizzeria. LOL Shhh....does that make me a bad mom for not telling her what it's really about? :)
January 12, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterFiabug
I just found your website a few days ago via Stephanie Klein's, and have read the full archives. This morning, in the Boston Metro, I saw an article about Marah and was like, hey I know about these guys. Anyway, thought I'd take a second to let you know about that and also let you know that you are a beautiful writer.
January 12, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterStephanie

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