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The Shalitas

Hey. Yo. Am off to splash through Lake Superior sized puddles, hop aboard the Chinatown bus to get to Philadelphia. The Surge - you know The Surge, my "ROCK STAR" husband? The guy without whom y'all wouldn't be reading this blog, and like, totally kissing my ass? Well he has a gig there tonight. Oh, silly me! *giggle*.. I should explain for those of you not in The Biz and who can't understand industry talk. Gig is a musical show. Like a concert? Where bands play music? So I would've taken the limo to Philly but it's in the shop *sigh*... Such is the life of a rock star wife. Anyway - my best gals The Shalitas asked me if I'd create an electronic press kit (an EPK for those of you not familiar with show biz talk..brag!) So here is your Saturday matinee. There are a few glitches but I'm using shitty ol' Windows Movie Maker so until I can get some decent software, the glitches will stay. Hope you like - editing this one had me dreaming Shalitas songs all last week.