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Food For Thought

As you digest yesterdays consumption:

QUESTION: How many pounds of food will the average person consume in a lifetime?
ANSWER: A newsletter from the Wolfe Clinic sets a person's total intake at 60,000 to 100,000 pounds. Another site gives the answer in terms of a math problem: "An elephant weighs about 10,000 pounds. In your lifetime, you will eat the equivalent weight of 6 elephants." I'm not sure that pachyderms are the most appetizing example to illustrate food consumption, but it makes for an interesting visual.

So what else weighs 60,000 pounds?

* 60,000 paperback copies of Stephen King's "The Stand"
* 17,455 iPods (80GB model)
* 20,000 bags of Halloween candy
* 15,000 Paris Hilton pets (Chihuahuas)
* 9.4 Hummer H2s

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and ate at least three pieces of pie, and hopefully two of those were pumpkin.