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In The Beginning...

I found the following journal entries today:

Wednesday January 3rd, 1990
Today was my first day back to school since Christmas. Scince I haven't ever told you about me so here goes.

Fave colors - black/white
Fave actor/actress - Corey Haim, Keifer Sutherland, Jamie Gertz
Friends - Janean Hunter, Lisa Hawkes, Allison Cruz, Brandon Gardner
Who I like - Scott Lopez
Food - Pizza/Ice Cream
Fave things to do - party, movies, mall, school
Fave songs - Heaven by Warrant, Forever Young by Alphaville, The Lion Sleeps Tonight.
T.V. shows - Roseanne, Married With Children
Drinks - hot chocolate, Sprite
Fave books - The Changeling by Zilpha Keatley Snyder, The Changeover by Margaret Mahy
Fave place to be - my room
I have blonde hair (kind of going brown) really light skin and blue eyes. I need braces to pull my teeth together. My teeth aren't crooked, they just need to be pushed togehter.
Fave Subjects - English, P.E.

Monica's Men:
Went out with:

Andy Farrer - Thursday Nov. 30th 1989 - Monday Dec. 11th 1989
Joe Bonham - Wednesday Feb. 21st 1990 - Monday Feb. 26th 1990
Gary Thornton - One week in March 1990

Scammed with:

David Tate - First Kiss! August 27th 1990
In a house just being built. I was walking home around 11pm when I ran into him. It was cold so we went into the house's basement. We talked until morning then he kissed me and unbuttoned my shirt. I went home and told my mom I slept over at a friends. She grounded me.

Gary Thornton - Dec. 1990
My house on the living room couch. We french kissed!

Jeff Francis - Jan. 8th 1991
We were downstairs in my basement french kissing then came up on my bed and kissed. Then another time, me and Lisa Hawkes, Gary Thornton and Jeff Francis went to Melissa Childs house (she was out of town). We, (me and Jeff) went into her basement and kissed on the couch. He went up my shirt!

Brandon Gardner - May 31st 1991
The last day of eighth grade we were in Oaklee Allred's bathroom. He pushed me against the wall, turned off the light and we french kissed. He gave my 3 hickies on my neck!

Andy Farrer - I also kissed him on a dare (french kissed, 15 seconds)

Mathias Richards kissed me in a car.

October 2, 1989

Sometimes I dream about being this big, famous reporter who gets to interview all these famous people and rock stars and be on TV and tell them all the news about the stars. And write for a big time magazine in New York or California.

I like to dream about owning my own house and having a good husband and kids. I know this doesn't seem like a very big accomplishment but that's what I dream about. I want to be a nice mom but not so nice as to let my kids get away with anything and be spoiled. I know I can achieve this if I try.