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A Christmas Kind of Town

It was my best First-Day-On-The-Job-Ever! I work overnights for a national morning news show. They provide catering twice a night! Every night. Mmmmm... Doughnuts. Plan on me gaining ten pounds very quickly. It was fantastic. Anyway, although it's nearly swimsuit weather here in The Big Apple, Christmas is a comin'. The Surge? He is a Christmas fanatic. Which could account for why Marah released a Christmas record last year. He only allows Christmas music in the house this time of year.

I'm lonesome.. The Surge took my dog and headed for the hills of Pennsylvania last night to enjoy the rest of the holiday season. First time in my life I was thrilled to say "I can't go, I have to work." This morning, after I ate my cereal I put the bowl on the floor for Max to wash, as he does every morning. Damn bowl of milk sat there for nearly a half hour before I realized; my best pal ain't home. But I'll be headed out there after work tomorrow morning.

Although he's gone I got to hear The Surge on the radio last night.. T'was some strange little Canadian program and before his interview, during which he never thanked his beautiful wife for all her love and support, the fucker, they played several Marah and Shalitas songs, including New York Is A Christmas Kind Of Town.... which, by the way, features my vocals.. If you listen very carefully, at the beginning of the song you can hear me calling for a taxi. That's me! I'm amazing... the talent, the skill. You really believe I'm calling for a taxi. Will a driver stop? Will I get a taxi? Fantastic.

So. Enough about me. Wanna get to know The Surge?
CLICK HERE TO LISTEN It's good shit and guaranteed to get you in the Christmas spirit. If you don't feel festive after listening to the show I'll personally come over and spike your egg nog myself!