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In Which We Feel Like We're All We'll Ever Need

The most thrilling sight in all the world is you. You and our dog, Max. Sometimes I watch the two of you, best buddies, when you don't know I'm looking. Walking down the street, familiar figures, stars cast in the movie of my life. The Girl Who Fell In Love. The Surge + Max = Family. Carved in cement outside our apartment. Fifty years from now. A message to strangers. We were here. My guys. Forever.

Just the sight of you on a crowded Brooklyn street makes my heart leap. I smile, stop, step inside a doorway, just out of your line of vision. I watch you go by, that recognizable stride of yours unknowingly carrying you past your watchful wife. Unaware of my presence, you converse intently with our dog as if he were a human being and I am completely happy. Money, bills, hip clothes, blonde roots, nice furniture, cute shoes.. all of it be damned! As long as we can walk along the crooked teeth sidewalks of our city together.

I see you cling to that dog when both of you sleep, the two of you issuing the same grunts and half-sighs, small puffs of life in the dead, quiet bedroom. I leave for work in the purple-black night and there you are, glowing like angels, bathed in the buttery light our year-round Christmas-tree-"lamp" lavishes on sweet faces nearly lost in feather-filled pillows. All innocent slumber and affection, you are. Legs and lashes and arms and tail and tangled sheets. I see you love that dog with all you got and it makes me so glad my heart might explode into the sky. A shooting heart.

Sunday afternoon. Just the three of us. On the bed. Lazily strolling the trail separating the valley of sleep and the mountains of awake. Leg twitches here, butt scratches there, dog sighs, sweet whispers, you - involuntarily stroking my hair and then trading off to rub Maxer who raises his snooter to your neck in gentle reply... All this, while you're asleep. You reach for us even in dreams.. And we reach for you, always.