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A Linky, A Linky, Everyone Loves A Linky!

One of the most common emails I get is 'will you link to my blog?' Thus far, I've avoided blogrolling anyone unless I know them in person or read their blog every, single day. That's earned me several more emails accusing me of not being a reciprocative blogger. Please. I rarely reciprocate sex acts with my husband or phone calls to my mother-in-law, let alone faceless folks demanding links.

Recently, my inbox has been flooded with link requests.. So check it - I reopened my Technorati account so that if you link to this blog - make sure it's and not which is what most of you are probably linking to. I dropped that pesky squarespace moniker, it was dragging me down - you can now click down there on the left where that little Technorati icon is and your blog will show up.

Cool. That way, me and everyone else who reads this blog can check out your site - see what kind of action you're churning out. If I really dig your shit the way I dig this and this and you update fairly regularly, I'll add your blog to the links section of this site. Seems like a good way to avoid a blogroll the length of The Surge's business (that's a long blogroll, yo!) and keep a nice orderly website that doesn't look like the MySpace page of a Paris Hilton- worshipping 13-year-old. Right? Cool. All right then. Link away, or update your old link to The Girl Who, so I can come find your blog.