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Pain Is Weakness Leaving The Body

Except I hate pain! I even refused to wear those nipple clamps Serge gave me (lie) for our third anniversary last week. Three years, people! Three years of putting up with my bullshit! Can you imagine his pain? Let us hope together that he subscribes to the 'pain is weakness leaving the body' theory else I may not be married next year.

But enough about his pain! He can be a douchebag too!

I was all inspired by that mantra earlier this afternoon but I got to thinkin' maybe I'll just keep my weaknesses. The weakness for food and TV and alcohol and all other manner of glorious, mind-numbing substances. I like my weaknesses, thank you very much. They're ever so comforting.

No, I still haven't bought a computer. A goddamn blessed relief is what it is. Less self-analysis is a good thing.

As a tribute to my beloved and our three years together I present you with this link. Back in February, when his ex-girlfriend was marauding across the internet shopping 'round her blog about me and Serge, I took a vacation from this blog so as not to witness the horror. I busied myself with a compilation of all our emails and letters to each other. A sort of online notebook, if you will, of Serge and my correspondence from the time we first met. If you start at the oldest post and work your way to the newest post it tells the story of how we fell in love. (GAG!)

Also, it will probably bore you to tears if you aren't either of our mothers. I keep meaning to finish it.. and I will. I like the idea of The Story of Us floating around out there.