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Beer Can Stumblin' With A Song In My Heart

I've just registered for a half-marathon. I know! It goes against romancing Bud Light and eating an entire bag of Doritos by the light of the moon, a policy that I've held dear for the past year. But I figure I ain't getting any younger. It's time.

If all goes well at the half-marathon I'd really like to run the New York Marathon. Thing is, it's usually in November. My contract with FOX stipulates no days off during sweeps. You know sweeps - when your local news station suddenly turns into a sad, "hard news" version of Entertainment Tonight? If it bleeds, it leads and so forth... Ratings, RATINGS, RATINGS!!!

So I may not make the New York Marathon in 2008... However, The St. George Marathon is on my fourth wedding anniversary. Maybe I'll make it my very first full marathon. Who knows, perhaps I can get Serge to drag ass along with me. But I'll be Goddamned if I'm stopping for his cigarette breaks!

Let the training begin. Wish me luck.