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The Cover!

So I kind of have this dream. My mother-in-law lives in a place called Sugar Valley, perhaps the best name ever for someone's 'hood. For some reason I always think of Hansel and Gretel and finding a house made of candy. There are talking gingerbread men with voices like Mickey Mouse and never any witches who want to cook me in their oven. Sugar Valley. I love it there, hence the dream. I'd like to live there. At least part time. I want to buy a house out there in Amish County, Pennsylvania.

Now for the second part of the dream; I'd like to open up a photography business and take photos of events, people, their pets... whatever folks want. I'd set up the website and clients could just order their photographs right there online. Of course, if we're talking dreams here, I'd also be writing from home. Serge could be a grizzled old man, still touring and playing gigs and I'd be just fine tucked away in Sugar Valley. I could drive to New York City in a few hours if I need heroin, cocaine... what have you - or if I just want to get away from the country... Perfect. Best of both worlds.

The photography dream is on the horizon of my brain and so I'm slowly but surely trying to build a solid portfolio... Couple EP covers so far... But I am so excited about a recent event I'm nearly leaping from my body! While in New York Marah asked if I'd take some band photos. A Spanish rock'n'roll mag wants to use the photos on the cover of their next issue which features Marah!

I got the cover!

I've just had a peek at the mock up and it looks so cool. Above isn't THE photo but it's one from the shoot. I think Marah won't mind if I post this one because I've seen it on their MySpace page. (which also has some songs from their upcoming album Angels of Destruction!) But I can't wait to show you the cover and the rest of the photos from the shoot. They're some of my favorite photos I've ever taken... But, fuck, I need a new camera. I can't wait to see what I can do with proper, professional equipment.