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I Surrender

There, there doll. Take a deep breath. You needn't resort to Lola's lowbrow blog tactics and toss that bitch Jesse Evans around to humiliate me. That's Lola's territory and, quite honestly, you're late to the party. Yes, a hug or a steamy make-out session would help. Know why? Because I'm pretty disappointed that you jumped into this kind of blogging bullshit. I held you in such high esteem and this really didn't seem like your cuppa tea.

As has been documented in the past, aside from your first few blogs and the unfortunate photoshopping (which I think was part of your evil-genius plan to gain readership so you could start writing the good stuff) I have quite a crush on you. So you can imagine my disappointment when one of my favorite girl bloggers sent her vast readership rocketing over to gobble up L'undone's horseshit, probably multiplying her sad, little readership by a thousand. So. Thanks for adding to the drama and all. You coulda debated internet anonymity versus truth without rehashing my unfortunate link to my husband's ex.

But. The fact that even you admit to enjoying the drama... well, fuck it. Rather than spend the rest of my days reading and refuting emails and blogs about L'undone and the big, bad, blog, battle... I've decided to share my story. If only to shut you all up.

Tell Me A Story Jackanory, indeed.