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Dear Mom

I was thinking about you today and I made a strange realization. You are my best friend. I know, weird, right? From this to best friends? How did that happen?

Somehow, with the clarity that distance so often provides, I have been able to view you for the person you are instead of my "annoying Mom". And I really dig you! You're funny, smart and we have the exact same sense of humor. You're the only person that understands me. You never judge me and you will let me ramble on about bullshit for hours and still provide witty commentary and act interested even though you probably put the cell phone down halfway through the call and are watching Anna Nicole Smith coverage. Which, please... Howard SO did not murder her or Daniel. If you watched even one episode of the Anna Nicole Show on E! you would totally know how much he loved her and yes I saw the Oprah with The Secret and it seems very cool but it doesn't seem like such a big secret, just common sense and my God don't you think Oprah is annoying? I used to be all about Oprah but now, I just don't know. She's all ebonics and down with the peeps one minute and not knowing how to pump gas the next. By the way, did you see her Oscar special? George and Julia were hilarious but Nicole Kidman? With the frozen face and poofy Restalyn fish lips...

Anyway.. Thank you. For being you and supporting anything I write about our family and loving Serge so much and understanding the phases I've gone through and just rolling with the punches and being cool. Thus far, I haven't allowed you much input in my life, it's always been full steam ahead with my own agenda, but I promise to ask for advice and listen to you more...Because you're all old wise and stuff. I'm so pleased that we're us and I am proud to be your daughter.

I love you.