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when NOT being molested as a child is a bad thing

Dear Monica,

I wish I had better news for you but I haven’t yet managed to place THE GIRL WHO. I had a couple of very positive reactions from editors early on but they weren’t able to garner the necessary support from their colleagues. Since then, nearly everyone I have sent it to has passed – mainly on the basis that the book isn’t dramatic enough. Everyone here is obsessed with misery memoirs at the moment – the more miserable and abusive and horrendous the person’s life – the better. I never sold your book as a ‘misery memoir’ but I can see that people are wondering where it will fit in relation to that crowded market. I’m still waiting to hear back from a couple of people but it’s been a number of weeks now so I don’t hold out much hope.

I’m seeing Stephanie this evening – she’s over from New York – so it will be interesting to hear how she has been getting on in the States. I will let you know, obviously…

I’m sorry for the disappointment.

With best wishes