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Only In Utah

SALT LAKE CITY A two-year-old girl was reunited with her family but not until after a scary episode where she was found crying in her backyard after her large family left her behind. The family has at least 12 children and when the girl's mother left to drop them off with a babysitter yesterday she thought the other children had put to toddler in the family van. The mother dropped the children at her sister's home to be watched while she went to work. Neighbors of the large family called police to report a girl crying and screaming. At about the same time the sister realized the 2-year-old was not at her house and called the child's mother. The sister returned to the girl's home finding a sheriff's deputy and a member of the state Division of Child and Family Services there. The girl was returned to her mother. The sheriff's office says the child was not left behind intentionally. No charges are expected.