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Lions, Time and Bewilderment. Oh My.

So... It's midnight, I've watched this video, like, eight times and I still can't get enough. Like the note says, watch the lion's face as he realizes who the two guys are. Fucking amazing. I know, I'm such a sucker for this kind of shit but this video is blowing my mind.

Question: what's up with people who tell time in fractions? When I ask Serge what time is it he'll say stuff like, quarter to or half past. Half past what? What if I don't know the hour? Say 5:30! Similarly he says stuff like, quarter of three. What is that? You want me to do fractions and math and count change just to tell the time? Just say 2:45, motherfucker. Quarter of three sounds like 2:15 as in a quarter of the way to three. Hour and minute! S'all I need.

Also, what does NEXT Monday mean? As in, I have a doctor appointment next Monday. Is that the very next Monday that rolls around? Or not this Monday but next. They are two different days, a week apart, people.

Lastly, say we're moving a table. It's very heavy. You say, let's go on the count of three. Does that mean one, two, GO! Or does that mean one, two, three, GO? It makes a big difference, you know? At this point, we should have universal rules for these kinds of things. Chrissakes. It's the 21st century. We should all be on the same page with this shit.

These are things that bother me.