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Where The Buffalo Roam

A while back we went to Antelope Island. Yes, there are islands in Utah. The Great Salt Lake contains something like nine small islands, Antelope Island being the biggest. Buffalo roam free out there as well as, you guessed it, antelope!

We had a grand time exploring the island but I'm just now getting around to sorting through all the photos and videos. The following video in particular just cracks me up. Serge is such a ham. Point a camera at him, it doesn't even have to be on, and he's off to the races. Impressions, tap dancing, impromptu comedy sketches in voices I've never heard. Good thing he makes his living on a stage.

But this video, I'm just peeing... Max was pissed that we left him in the car to chase down a buffalo and, throughout the video, makes no bones about informing us he doesn't appreciate being left out of the action. Takes after his Dad, Max does. Loves the camera. Serge initially tries to incorporate Max into his routine by referring to him as a "coyote" and then he's so annoyed he "breaks character". The whole damn thing just makes me giggle. And so, without further ado I present to you; The Buffalo Hunter.