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Photo Portfolio

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Hello. I am alive. If you cared. Whoever you are. Have been busy with this and that and a little of the other. Much work of many varieties. More info to follow.

Also, I'm creating a photo portfolio to organize the thousands of photographs I've snapped over the past several years. About halfway through the endeavor my coffee went all kamikaze and up and murdered my computer. I screamed as my electronic baby died an untimely death.

Strangely, I've dragged my Payless shod feet in getting a new one. I've enjoyed not being able to log online while at home. I get more drinking done that way. Anyway - if you'd like to peruse my photos, the ones I managed to upload before the homicide click below.

Photo Portfolio

I'm pretty excited about photography and can't wait to upgrade to that Nikon D70 I've had my eye on for, oh, about two years now. I recently finished up two projects with just about the finest musicians around. Marah and The Shalitas have decided to use two of my photos for the covers of their upcoming EP's... Very cool.