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No Longer A Mormon

Yesterday the Mormon bishop of the church I would attend were I so inclined knocked on my door and presented me with a letter. On the one hand, I am pleased. Glad that I am free and clear of the LDS church before the birth of my daughter. Yet my beloved Grandpa was the one who, with the very best of intentions, baptized me when I was eight years old. As my Dad wasn't around to do the job it has always been special to me that Grandpa did so, regardless of how I feel about the religion. Grandpa has been gone for many years... Wherever he is, I am sure he understands.

Dear Monica Danielle Butler,

We have received your letter requesting that your name be removed from the records of the church. We have noted that you iterated in your letter that you understand the consequences of what you have requested.

With this in mind you are now being notified that your baptism and confirmation into the church has been canceled, your temple blessings revoked, and your name removed from the membership of the church.

We are honoring your request for immediate removal without a waiting period, because of this your only option to be readmitted to the church will be by rebaptism after a thorough interview process.


Bishop ***** ******