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Childhood Memory

Can I just tell you guys how excited I am about THE GREAT EXPERIMENT? It's actually working. Initially I was afraid I'd make this big deal about it and then only $15 would be up for grabs, $10 of which I donated and then I'd be all embarrassed and try to phase my big failure from your memory and a couple months from now someone would say, HEY, remember that great experiment thing you always wrote about in ALL CAPS and I'd be, all, um... what? Not sure I recall...

I was so excited to see that we've raised at least $100 for someone to win each month and happy to see some of you leaving comments on all the participating blogs. Dude! I'd be stoked if someone handed me a hundred bucks for writing a blog! So thanks, everyone, for playing.

Couple things. When you enter or donate there is a comments section on Paypal where you can specify whether you're entering or donating. That way I don't have to email anyone to clarify or worry I left someone out who really meant to enter and I thought they were just donating. Also! I'm raising the word limit to 500. Please enter! Don't be shy! And tell your friends! The more people you tell the better it gets and the more money you stand to win!

Lastly, this month's topic is CHILDHOOD MEMORY. You can read the rules here. Come play!