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Couple Two, Tree Tings

First! The crock pot winner is number 16! Which is... ARIEL. Congratulations! I will email you to make arrangements to send you your brand new crock pot. Stay tuned. I've rounded up a few of my favorite crock pot recipes and I'll be posting them right here so please post yours as well and we can kind of get a little crock pot recipe thang started. Hell, if it really takes off maybe I'll give away another crock pot or something. Reading your costume comments was so amusing I definitely want to do another giveaway next month. Speaking of blogging, only about six people have entered THE GREAT EXPERIMENT. Just a reminder, you still have more than a week to enter. It's fun. C'mon, give it a try. I'm hoping we can at least break $100 because giving away money is fun and three digits are much sexier than two.

Second, remember this? If you don't remember that you better go back and read or else the rest of this paragraph won't make sense. It's okay, we'll wait... You back? Cool. So, my favorite local newspaper wrote about the whole debacle on their website and can you believe the LDS church actually responded to their request for comment? And gave them MY tweet. I couldn't even find my tweet because I deleted it but they, ironically, provided the original tweet they bullied me into taking down. Oh my. I'm sure there is a secret dossier on me somewhere with a giant, red, check mark next to my name. Actually, it's probably check marked and starred. Hooo boy.

Third, I've decided to write the story of how Serge and I met in its entirety. After we married Serge went on tour with his band and we exchanged hundreds of emails that I've saved. Granted, some of them sound like fodder for a Harlequin Romance Novel, but that's the beauty of falling in love. You feel high all the time, say things you'd never say normally and basically turn into a mushy gushy shadow of your usually snarky self. Ah, young love. From sending him soft porn via email to screaming at him to get out of the goddamn bathroom already, I HAVE TO PEE.