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Housekeeping At The Girl Who


Oh you! You and your generosity! Now at least $105 is up for grabs in this month's contest. But come on, you shy people you, just enter. There are dozens of amazing writers I know who read this blog that haven't entered yet. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. YES, I'M TA
LKING ABOUT YOU! YOU TOO! You blog every day anyway, what do you have to lose?.

First! The deadline to enter THE GREAT EXPERIMENT for October is tomorrow night at midnight. Links will be due by midnight on Thursday. I'll open voting at 8AM Mountain Standard Time on Friday October 30th. Interestingly, no one has just donated this month. Everyone who has sent money has actually entered the contest. $90 is up for grabs! I know we can get it to at least $100! If that's where this contest stays, $100 a month, that'd be fantastic. So if you were wavering, c'mon, just go ahead and enter. It's fun.

Because last week was a bit traumatic and busy and INSANE I haven't had time to ship the crock pot to Ariel, the lovely woman who won the giveaway. Ariel! It's coming, I swear to God! Also, because your costume comments were so much fun to read I've decided to do another giveaway in November so stay tuned.

My sweet peanut, Violet, turned nine months this past Wednesday and because I was busy earning red check marks next to my name in the secret Mormon file they're busily updating over there at church headquarters I haven't had time to write the lil' punkin's nine month newsletter. It's coming Grammy, I swear!