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Secondhand Style

I'm in kind of a loose, reckless mood this morning. One of those days when you just don't care and the mood can be dangerous to the career of one efforting the appearance of a responsible manager in the workplace.

Instead of dwelling on how tired I am and how I feel like I'm about to drown let us send this one in a positive direction, shall we? I have all these Secondhand Styles I've been meaning to post and just haven't got around to doing. As opposed to being the cheapest bargain out there I'm posting this one to illustrate multi-tasking with clothing. I am a rookie at this to be sure. Especially compared to this girl but I hope to get better at scouring my closet and pairing clothing I wouldn't normally put together to create new and interesting outfits out of old items.



You can find details on the first outfit here. In the second, the skinny jeans are from Wet Seal for $19.99. Honestly, I see no purpose in spending enormous amounts of cash on name brand jeans when you can find cheaper stuff that still fits great and can last as long as the pricey stuff. I bought the top/dress at the thrift store (Deseret Industries here in Utah) for $6. I've had the shoes for ages and can't remember where they come from so we can chalk those up to zero. Total for this easy and versatile ensemble is $26.