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Send Me Your Links!

**UPDATE: Waiting on a few stragglers who've promised me their entries by 10P tonight. I'll post links tonight and you'll have the whole weekend to read and vote! Also, two people didn't have time to finish up their entries so that leaves thirteen entries. You have a one in thirteen chance of winning $175. That oughtta help for the holidays. If there's enough interest, I'm thinking of doing a quick one in December and awarding the money by the 20th to help someone out for the holiday. But again, 10P Mountain Time tonight. Good luck everyone and thanks for playing.


Hey! You! If you entered THE GREAT EXPERIMENT for November send me your links. I'll post 'em up so y'all can read everyone's entries and vote over the entire holiday weekend. Plenty of time, yeah? 175 big ones are at stake on this go 'round.

Just now I realized my computer keyboard is sticky. That's kind of gross. I hope Serge wasn't pleasuring himself to photos of GIANT FISH PEOPLE CAUGHT. Again. Dammit Serge, I thought we talked about this. This picture or something like it was still on the screen when I turned on the monitor. And now a sticky keyboard? So busted, pervert.

Anyway, people, send me your links. I need to go conduct a keyboard wipe down over here. Happy Thanksgiving, you guys. Like mine always are, may your holidays be filled with unpleasant reminiscence, fighting, crying, accusations, recriminations and more crying. And then alcohol. Lots and lots of medicinal alcohol.