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Blogging About Twittering On Facebook With My Blackberry

Or something like that. Oh my God the technology. I'm drowning in a sea of microchips and pixels and updates.

And now the part where I wipe egg off my face: A short time ago I ranted about Twitter and Facebook. I meant it, I really did! It is too much. But this here job promotion came with a Blackberry and I kid you not, they made me open up Facebook and Twitter accounts. To promote the newscasts, they said. To get more viewers, they said.

After utilizing Twitter for work these past few weeks I don't know how I've lived without it. Every other news station and both Salt Lake papers routinely "tweet" the latest and greatest in Utah news. I often learn of breaking news through these tweets. So I've decided to tweet work-related items to give folks a taste of the newsroom. Unfortunately (or fortunately) as a responsible journalist I won't be offering my opinion on various news stories in these tweets. That's what this blog is for. I fancy the Twitter page as more of a behind the scenes taste of life in the newsroom. Those who live in Utah may find it a useful place for inside scoops on local stories and will likely hear about breaking news before anyone else. If you'd like to check it out click here. It should be interesting.

Also, holy shit. If all of us deciding my hair color could get together we could, like, totally solve world hunger or something. Or at least get Lindsay Lohan back on track, right? Right now it looks like blonde is in the lead. I'll close comments in a day or two and count it out. After that I'm the internet's bitch. You vote, I bleach. Or dye. Will post pics of the new do when I get it did.