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Weight Lost

If I stopped drinking beer and eating hot dogs on weekends I might actually be back to my pre-baby weight. But oh my god the work week is so tough I can't bring myself to dial it in and do it right.

Weird. We go, like, our entire marriage without eating hot dogs. Suddenly we're eating them every Sunday. We both like mustard and sauerkraut. I can easily eat four without blinking. My portion perception is wack. I see other people bring lunch to work in these itty bitty Tupperware containers and I wonder if they ever really feel full. Or maybe I'm just an overeating horseface. It's likely the latter. Anyway, I'm still about ten pounds overweight.

Exercise would help but I just feel too tired and draggy to get it on. I work ten hours a day, man. The last thing I feel like doing when I'm at home is throwing on workout gear and heading out for a perky, little jog. These jogs don't feel perky either. Boobs; a single, giant unit banging up and down in their sports bra casing. And I can feel my ass pound. This is not pleasant, this feeling one's ass pound.

There is this thing niggling in the back of my brain. This simplicity thing. I want to shut it all down. Turn off cable, essentially turning off my awareness of shitty reality shows, only watch Netflix DVDs. Really clear out my house of bullshit. Pare down my wardrobe to stuff I wear at least once a month. And stick to a budget. A solid budget that eliminates bullshit spending. We don't do a lot of bullshit spending anyway but I don't want to put a lot of stock in clothing and the like. Which is why I'm staying brunette for now. I just can't justify coloring my hair. It's so expensive to maintain blonde. With my hair so close to its natural shade I haven't had to color it since before V was born.

Nothing cohesive to see here. Just random things on my mind.