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Teefies (love the gums!)

The teefies, they arriveth. Slowly but surely sprouting upward, announcing themselves in Violet's little rosebud gums. I am quietly devastated. There is nothing, NOTHING like that giant, gummy grin. I dare you to keep a straight face when the gummy grin is shining your way. And when the teefies get here those wondrous gums will be forced to slink back to the relative anonymity that all gums are reduced to throughout our lives. There the gums will support the teeth, toiling in obscurity, not granted a comeback until I am long dead and Violet has lost all her teefies and lives in a retirement home.

I just weirded myself out.

There is nothing worse than old folks' rotting gums except maybe their dentures. Please take my word for it. I spent many years of my life caring for the elderly and I would rather wipe old ass than brush a set of dentures any day of the week. But the weirding myself out part comes when I think of Miss Violet's lovely gums. Is it possible? Will there come a time when someone is grossed out by my PeanutButter's sweet, watermelon gums? They better love her gums and brush her dentures as if their stupid lives depend on it. LOVE THE GUMS! Because I will kill them dead if they don't love the gums. I will return from death and drag them back to the fiery pits of hell where me, Serge and hopefully the rest of you all are enjoying a beer while cursing at rated R movies and shitty reality T.V. with Satan himself.

Satan totally loves reality T.V.