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The Great Experiment


TOPIC FOR JANUARY: Open. Any topic. Pick your best blog post.

Here's how it works:

1. ANYONE can enter. But I will only accept the first 10 entrants! Any more and reading to vote becomes too time consuming. All you need is $20 and a place on the internet to type your entry that I can link to. Doesn't have to be a standard blog. Can be a Myspace blog, a website... just a place I can link to so folks can read the blog and judge. Don't be shy. Just enter already and have some fun with it. Tell your friends. Grab a button on the side of the blog and do it! Blogspot is free, just start a blog already and come play with us! Would be a great time to start a blog and make friends and earn readers right away. A special note: if you entered the contest, make it as easy as possible for readers to leave a comment. All this sign here, do this here, turn a cartwheel there and retype this here is a pain in the ass.

2. To enter you need a PayPal account. This is as easy as signing up for Facebook. They just need your name, email etc. PayPal is a safe way to pay for things online. If you don't already have an account and you've ever bought anything online, you should. You can read about it here.

3. Hit the donate button over there on the left and send $20. Please specify in the comments section whether you are donating or entering. PayPal sends me an email telling me you've donated. I'll send you an email confirming you're in the contest (assuming you entered and didn't just donate) If you don't get an email from me within two days of your donation, email me at monicabielanko at yahoo dot com!

4. You'll have until THIS SUNDAY NIGHT to choose your best entry or write a new one. Keep in mind, 500 words is the ideal. Any longer and I think readers lose interest. I'll ask for links so keep an eye on the blog or you may miss the call. I'll post up the links to your entry and open comments for at least a 24 hour period so all time zones have a chance to vote via comments on this site. ANYONE can vote but this blog shows me each IP address next to the comment. Only one vote per IP address. If you vote on your home computer your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend or whatever will have to use a work computer. Double IP votes will be deleted and I will block that IP address from accessing the blog. You don't have to use your name when you vote. If you want to type in "Anonymous" and vote for yourself, that's fine. Just remember, you can't vote twice from the same computer.
TIP: At the end of your entry blog make sure you tell your readers what the entry is for and then once voting is open post a link to that page so they'll click over and come vote for you!

5. If anyone is rude about anyone else I'll block that IP address from accessing this blog. Period. I'm not putting up with that shit here. You can log onto another computer to harass and I'll block that IP address. Eventually you'll run out of computers. Also? You're an asshole.

6. After voting closes I'll count up the comment votes and we'll have our winner. Winner takes all, no questions asked. ALL MONEY WILL BE DONATED TO THE AMERICAN RED CROSS FOR HAITI. The winner has to wait one month before being eligible to enter again.

7. You can donate to the cause and not enter. Please do! That is encouraged!

8. Grab a button over there on the side! Just copy and paste the code into a widget section on your blog. The more we all promote, the more folks enter increasing the amount of money you stand to win!

9. To see a sampling of previous entries:

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