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Secondhand Style

This money makeover thing is blowing my mind, y'all. In just a month, by following a budget and holding a yard sale, we've got a thousand bucks in the bank for an emergency fund. Now we get crazy to pay off our debt. First one up: credit card. Just one, it has a $2,000 limit and we owe $1,700. We go nuts, putting everything toward this card until it's gone. I'm also closing the account. Some will argue you should keep the account open to improve your credit rating. I don't think it's worth the risk. I plan to NEVER by anything on credit again, except a house. So long, credit card.

Also, I went to the thrift store over the weekend in search of some funky dresses as per this post. I found a bunch I liked! Shoes too. I'm starting a new category on The Girl Who called Secondhand Style just to chronicle cool finds. I plan to never by new again if I can help it. The odd item here and there, maybe a good deal from Wal-Mart. But no more big spending. It's just a waste. If I base my self worth on the clothes I buy then I'm fucked. And my daughter will learn to value the wrong things. Sure, new clothes can make you feel good, but I'm drawing the line on bullshit purchases. Name brands? Don't care. It's all about funky finds. Lately I've really been into 1940's style dresses with fun prints. Like this. Just classic cut jersey dresses. Nothing trendy. That's the key, I think. Avoid dropping $80 on the new, in pair of jeans. I found the dress below for $6. The shoes were $4. Total expense for this was $10. And I look nicer than my usual jeans and t-shirt uniform.