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Drunk Style

I've had a few emails from folks who are inspired about my efforts to get out of debt. OMG, people! Can I tell you how much it excites me that I've inspired you? Okay, like, four people. But still! And also, I'm drunk. Ssssh... Don't tell Serge, The Alcohol Monitor. But not too drunk to tell you that the two books that have absolutely forever changed my life are TOTAL MONEY MAKEOVER by Dave Ramsey and I WILL TEACH YOU TO BE RICH by Ramit Sethi. Read them! You will never regret it. And maybe, one day, you'll get drunk on Corona and email me about how you first learned about them from me and I'll get your email and will likely also be drunk on Corona, Corona that was budgeted into my Entertainment Budget, I might add, and then we will be so happy and drunk and debt-free together. And you will come over with your thrift store bargains and we will compare and try on our bargains and brush each other's hair and you will rub my back and I will rub yours and then you will slip your bra strap off your... WHOA! OH! WHOA! What the?

ANYway, it will be amazing!

Style On The Cheap:

Dress (or shirt, depending on your modesty level): $6 - thrift store
Boots - Famous Footwear sale rack for $24.99 but talked down to $15 because I spotted a small dark stain on the heel and brought it to the attention of the salesguy and actually bargained with him. And I am a total, passive-agressive pussy! If I can bargain at Famous Footwear ANYONE can.
Total - $21