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Babble? I Can Do That

As y'all know, I'm really good at babbling about a lot of stuff. Important stuff like cheese, weight, fights with Serge, nachos and other items of paramount importance.

I was recently invited to share my impressive catalog of thoughts on pregnancy over at Babble. Babble, I thought. I can do that. And I can do that well.

So just in case you haven't heard enough about bowling ball boobs, nipple missiles and grabbing my crotch every time I sneeze, I cordially invite you to be pregnant with me! Up close and personal. More than you thought you ever wanted to know about what happens to a semi-normal kind of gal when pregnancy strikes.

Check it out!

And if you don't like talking about my boobs (What?! Who doesn't like boob talk? Who ARE you?) well, this is a good thing for you too because more boob talk over there means less here.

Maybe. I've got a lot to say about my boobs right now.

*Also, I know the photo I used for my bio is, like, ages old but OH MY GOD would you use pregnancy fat face photo?