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Audio Science, Pilot Inspektor and Kal-El

We've narrowed our choices for names for Kid B down to five. I don't mind telling you that we've debated naming Kid B Serge. Serge's dad's name is Serge (He's French. Thick accent, a painter, the whole Frenchie nine yards) and I've always liked the name. What I wanted to know from anyone who was named after a parent or named their child after them: does it get annoying? You know, having two people with the same name in the same house?
With Violet, we decided on the name about a month before she was born but as the time for Kid B’s arrival draws nigh and we haven’t come to a final decision, I’m not really stressing. I’ve got five solid choices and I’ll let Serge make the final call. And we probably won’t make a definitive decision this time around until after we lay eyes on the little fella. Because what if he looks like a Kal-El or a Pilot Inspektor? We want to keep our options open.
The name game. That's what I'm babbling about today.