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Just Like The Movies

Hope y'all had a fantastic Christmas, if you celebrate that sort of thing. If not, I hope you got awesomely drunk and knocked over the Christmas tree of someone who does celebrate Jesus and consumerism at it's finest.

Now, let us all heave a collective sigh of relief that it's over, shall we? I've got some stuff to tell you! Or stuff I can't tell you, really... But STUFF! It is happening. 2011 is going to rock my world. I think. I hope.

More on that later. For now, more babbling. And another glam shot of my enormous belly at eight-ish months.
He drives like a maniac, running red lights, maybe even gets pulled over and earns a police escort to get us to the hospital while I pant and moan. The nurse takes one look at me and tells us that This baby is coming NOW! They toss me into a wheel chair and an hour later I’m holding a newborn while sweet music swells in the background. A lone tear slides down my dewy cheek as I lift my eyes--
That's what I'm babbling about today.