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The Humanity

Hi. I'm still alive. It's been a tough couple weeks. I'm in the midst of covering the most difficult story of my journalism career and it just feels ridiculously ridiculous to post my silly thoughts about life here. Or maybe it's appropriate, you know, to celebrate life.

I got in a car crash. Again. Some dude cruised through an intersection and t-boned me on my way to work.

Oh y'all. I've just got nothing to say. I've sobbed heavy, snotty sobs every night as I drive home from work. I just don't understand. I just don't fucking understand.

I want to move to a house in the country and never turn on the TV again. From the Oh-My-God-You-Are-Going-To-Die-Guess-What's-Lurking-In-Your-House-RIGHT NOW-That-Could-Kill-You kind of news to Heidi and Spencer and reality TV. I'm not sure which is worse. Strike that. We all know which is worse. But the oh my god you're going to die stuff in your house that could kill you is a close second.