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Best pals

Finally got my photo/video editing software up and running again which means I've got a serious backlog of photos and videos 'round these parts. Which is fine for me, I could edit photo and video for hours, it's y'all that are going to suffer through the finished products as I post hours and hours of video. And the pictures! Oh my, the pictures!

You know, here we are at a carnival. Oh, oh! And here we are at the parade. Oooh, looky here, it's another shot of Violet. I know you've seen twenty before this that look exactly the same but if you look closely, her hair is different in this one. Isn't that the cutest? Here we are eating lunch. Oh, and here we are standing in front of a roadside historical marker that Serge made us stop to read.

Can you hardly stand the excitement that's going to be all up on the blog for the next little while?!

Judging by the lack of gray hairs on that there snooter in the photo up there, I think this is Milo and Violet spending some quality time back at grandma's house. Both Milo and Max are incredibly patient, but Milo is especially sweet with his gal Violet which is amazing, considering his propensity for freaking out about, oh, you know, EVERYTHING. In fact, brace yourselves, because I've got video of that too! The excitement! It's all just too much!