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Makeover Madness

I'm typing this from my somewhat cold attic. I have been knee deep in room makeovers these past few months. First there was the bathroom. Okay, I swear to God, tomorrow's post will include pictures of all this stuff. But for now, my words will have to suffice. The attic is two stories up and it's a lot of stairs, yo. And I just got done lugging up my desk and a rug and some office accoutrements, so I'm too damn tired to drag my fat ass back down the stairs to snap photos and then hike all the way back up here to post the photos.

On the bright side, I cannot hear a single bit of the chaos that is likely underway downstairs as Violet runs in circles creating various scenarios with her dinosaurs and Serge whips up a batch of his extra hot chicken stir fry.

So yeah, first there was the bathroom makeover and then we suddenly decided we wanted to turn our "mud room" into a bar. Hey. We're the parents of two kids, man. It's so much easier to invite folks over to our bar instead of leaving the home. So I let Serge have his way with the bar and then, on the spur of the moment, we decided to transform what was originally my office into a playroom.

I realized that we were making parenting awfully hard on ourselves by not designating a spot we could dump the kids to play. So we lugged out this two-ton metal desk left behind by the pastor that used to use my office for his office, painted all the dark wood-paneled walls blue and white, hung new curtains, hooked up a new flat screen TV, created a fenced in area for the lil' guy to crawl around and play and voila! Instant playroom.

I can't tell you how much it's changed our lives. Now, when we get overwhelmed we throw the kids in there and shut the doors and they're good to go. Before, we'd be sitting on our couch trying to watch TV around Violet but mostly our TV would be tuned to Nick Jr so we weren't even watching TV.

After the playroom renovation we got crazy and tore all the wallpaper down from our bedroom and ripped up the carpet to reveal beautiful, original hardwood floors. Remember, this house was built in 1902 so there are hardwood floors in every room. The wallpaper proved to be so overwhelming that we kind of slacked off on the bedroom work - plus Serge went to Spain and he's the only dude that knows how to dry wall so the bedroom project languished.

That's when I got all hot and bothered about the living room. If you remember, we were the idiot dog owners and parents of two children who bought a cream colored couch. The couch stopped being cream-colored long ago, darkening into a dirty gray color created by dog slobber, baby puke and who knows what. So I up and ordered brown leather couches which were finally delivered a few days ago. You guys, I am loving my living room so much now! I threw up some cheap Target curtains and it's like a new room!

All this to tell you that today I got a wild hair to clean up the attic and turn it into my new office. Now, I'm sitting up here in the peak of my old farmhouse, overlooking dark cornfields whilst drinking a cheap beer and typing to you. And realizing Imma gonna have to purchase a space heater if I'm to type here for any length of time this winter.

Damn. I just realized we've done a lot of work on this house. Tomorrow I'll take photos of each room and give you the grand tour. Also, coming up later this week I'm going to announce five people who kindly left a comment on this Babble blog who can choose between a brand spanking new copy of my favorite book of the year - Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close - or a $20 gift certificate to Old Navy courtesy of moi.