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He Didn't Even Say I Told You So

I handed another marshmallow to Violet to drop into the simmering pot of melted butter and she took a bite before plopping the remaining bit of marshmallow into the saucepan. She did this over and over again and I got a kick out of it every time.

"Serge!" I called him in to watch Violet help me make Rice Krispie Treats.

He watched as she bit into five more marshmallows and I giggled, but he wasn't as amused. "She's going to get sick." He warned.

"Oh stop! She is not. It's fun!"

Two hours later Violet upchucked a mass of white goo all over the couch, the floor, herself...

He helped me clean it up and didn't even say 'I told you so'. It must've taken amazing restraint. That's love, I tell you what.

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