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Baby Shower Trends That Don't Make Me Want To Stick Diaper Pins In My Eyeballs

I have to admit I was shocked, SHOCKED I say, when I read the nearly one hundred comments giving me The Business for not liking baby showers. You guys, you would've thought I told someone their baby was ugly or something because these women were pissed.

But listen, I can acknowledge that we all have different opinions and that’s what makes the world go round. Still, you militant baby shower-lovers should know that for every one of you that squeals in delight over the “hilarious” games, there is one from my team who is throwing up in their mouth a little bit. It’s true! I’m sorry but it is. And don’t tell us “if you hate showers so much then just don’t come.” Just like you, we are lovely people who want to support our friends. We just don’t think that support should include losing our ever-lovin’ marbles over a pink onesie from Babies “R” Us or asking people to guess what’s in the diaper.

With that in mind (and lest you think I’m Lady Grinch), I thought I’d go ahead and expose the latest baby shower trends, some of which I think will please all of us …
Baby shower trends that I can get behind... It's what I'm babbling about.