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Babble Round-Up

Because this month has been madness and I'm not sure what I've linked and what I haven't... Here is some stuff I wrote for Being Pregnant. Click around, wouldja?

10 Things You SHOULD Say To A Pregnant Woman - My Facebook friends pretty much wrote this one for me.

One More Out There? - Wherein I go back and forth about having a third baby.

5 Realistic Childbirth Scenes From Movies - Did anyone ever see For Keeps in the eighties starring Molly Ringwald?

10 Hot New Baby Shower Trends You Might Actually Enjoy - These are some pretty cool ideas, but between you and me, I still LOATHE baby showers. I need to be careful where I say that though... I very nearly received death threats the last time I expressed that sentiment.

I Feel Stupid For Asking This But... A must-read for any pregnant women.

Coming Out Pregnant - Feature on an awesome woman. She's a single, pregnant, lesbian. Talk about odds stacked against you... But this chick is kicking ass.

That Very First Photo - You guys submitted your photos of when you met your child for the first time and they rock.

5 Baby Name Trends For 2012 - I love old lady names! I really do. Apparently, so do a lot of other folks.

Judge Calls Mom Inappropriate For Breastfeeding In Court - Is the courtroom and appropriate venue for breastfeeding?

Another Round Of Funny Maternity Tees (Thanksgiving Edition) - "Pluck me? Pluck YOU!"

The Best Laid Birth Plans - Don't make plans and you won't be disappointed...