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A Humble Request

I know I post links to Babble all the time and if you click that's great and if you don't that's still cool too... But this time I'm flat out asking you to click it up. If you have enjoyed reading this blog lo these many years and have a spare moment could you go over to these posts with pictures and videos of yours truly and then click, click and click some more?

I can't really explain why to you at this particular juncture without causing more problems for myself but, suffice it to say, if I told you why you are clicking you would click your goddamn ass off. You really would. Just know that clicking on these posts somehow helps me triumph in a very small way in this world and for whatever stupid reason, it means a lot to me. Thanks for helping a sister out.

Eat Your Heart Out, June Cleaver (Photos of me in all my homemaker glory).

Wherein I Make My First Pie (Video of me looking like ass and baking pie).

Does Adding Pudding To Cake Mix Really Make A Difference? (Video of Serge, Uncle Dave and Aunt Christine taking a cake taste test).