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The Bedroom Makeover Continues

The bedroom makeover is moving along. All the hard stuff is done. The wallpaper is down, the walls are painted, the carpet is gone and the wood looks so good you could lick it. Wait. That sounds kind of weird. Lick wood.

Last week we hung the curtains, well, Serge hung the curtains while I read about Kim Kardashian's divorce downstairs and quietly shamed myself for my interest. We also found this really excellent turquoise dresser at a local antique shop. I was certain I'd have to paint a dresser so I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this little guy hunkered down in the corner of a place we call Lizzie's. She's the Amish woman who runs the shop, which is kind of like an old time general store/antique shop. I'm sure it has an official name, but locals know it as Lizzie's. So we dragged the dresser home and now it's owning its half of the bedroom beautifully.

A couple days ago I found this really excellent antique frame, a big chunky sucker, just what I've been looking for. Yesterday I snapped a photo and did a little editing and, well, this post was just supposed to be a link over to the photo project I'm doing on Babble and here I've gone and nearly told you the whole damn story.

So this photo framing project and my bedroom makeover - it's what I'm babbling about today. Click on over to see what's what and get a sneak peek at how the bedroom is coming along.