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His Perspective

As hard as pregnancy is, in a way, it’s nice to be the focus, the center of all the activity. With the agony (yes, agony!) of pregnancy comes a feeling of empowerment and triumph. Giving birth to Violet is the greatest thing I’ve done so far. Well, giving birth and being her mom are equally great.

While he can experience being a dad with Violet and connect with her in all the ways I can, Serge has yet to connect with his son in the same way that I have. Feeling an elbow or a tiny bum bump up against my belly seems like his only link, so far.
That's what I'm babbling about today.

And also, if you feel like sharing (and if you've pushed a child from your body or know someone who has) I'd be really interested in hearing what your due date was and when the baby actually made an appearance. TELL ME!