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Not Nesting! Getting Shit Ready For When The Kid Comes

I'm headed to the doctor in a few hours. Maybe, when he's feeling up my cervix he'll say I'm good to go. Maybe my water will break on his face. At this point, either option is equally appealing.
Yesterday Serge started hanging up stuff in KID B’s room. A painting, a map, but not the letters spelling out his name because my mom is coming to watch Violet while my cervix gets molested by my doctor and we aren’t even telling her the name until the little dude gets here.

Okay, okay. I will tell you one of the top five names we decided NOT to name him.
It's what I'm babbling about today. And you can check out the results of Serge's hard work. But it's not nesting, he says! It's just getting shit ready for when The Kid comes.