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The Blog That Blew My Mind

There's a post over on Babble that is blowing my mind. It's blowing a lot of other minds too.

The woman, Kate, wrote a post confessing that she loves her son more than her daughter. But she didn't stop there. She wrote about how if one of her kids died she'd rather it be her daughter.

So I wrote a response to her piece... but I toned it down because, well, I didn't really want to attack a fellow writer on a website we both write for. And hey, she's free to express herself in whatever manner she wants. Really though, I think it's a case of mom blogging gone WAY too far. Check out her comments section. She's got well over a hundred comments, many of which applaud her honesty.

It's my opinion that the honesty is secondary here. Maybe a lot of parents love one child more than the other, but being honest about it (in such a public forum) doesn't mean it's the right thing to do. This mom has written a post that is forever. What a painful moment when her daughter discovers and reads what her mom has written. What do you think?

Anyway, it's what I was babbling about yesterday. Or the day before. I can't remember. All the days run together now.