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Oral Sex = Death?!

I was trying to figure out when Serge and I can safely get busy. And by get busy I don't mean clean the house.
...most doctors say you should wait about six weeks - until after your first post-birth check-up - so I’ve got a good two weeks to go before Serge and I can make love.

Ha! Make love. Did you think I was using that phrase in a serious manner? I was totally testing you! Anyone who uses the term make love should be smacked in the side of the head with a sock of pennies. Repeatedly. We’re all snickering every time you say it. No really, we are.
In my sex search I was googling around, even though I know better, and came across a startling story on what seems to be a legitimate website: Oral sex performed on a woman in the six weeks after giving birth can lead to death.

What the? Is this shit fo real? Sex. It's what I'm babbling about today.