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The New Gig

Thanks for all the well wishes! We are excited. And scared as hell. But onward, ho!

So here's the skinny on Babble. I now write for three sections of the website:

Being Pregnant

Baby's First Year


I am contracted to write at least one article a day but I generally end up doing more. I make a base salary per month but I also get bonuses for page views which basically means the more you click the more I make. So thank you, thank you for clicking. They give us statistic reports and most of my clicks come from here, from you. Also, I love when y'all comment on interesting topics, so please, if you've got something to say, comment away! It's a chance for me to get to know y'all and what you think about real issues that aren't my navel gazing blatherings here, you know?

Today I've already written for Being Pregnant and Strollerderby . Those links will take you directly to the articles, so click there if you want to check those out. Especially the Being Pregnant one for today. It's a look at how your birth order affects your love life. Are you an older child? Who's your best mate? Older, middle or younger children? And what does your birth order say about your personality?

I'll try to go easy on the Babble whoring. Most often I'll link you over to Baby's First Year where I write the personal stuff. Today, for example:
I’ve been accused of being a bad mom because I complain so much during pregnancy. Women have emailed me to say I scare them about having kids. No, no! You’re taking it wrong, I tell them. I hate, hate, hate being pregnant. I really do. But the baby is so worth it. Do I even need to say that? Because I’ll say it again: THE BABY IS SO WORTH IT.

This little Henry guy is a peach. You should know I’m knocking on wood and throwing salt over my shoulder and every other thing I should do so as not to tempt fate to mess with me. But for all you ladies who say I scare them about having kids: this is the part you need to know about.
It's what I'm babbling about today. But if that ain't your bag, there is a video of my family over there and my new favorite picture of Henry that's worth the click.